1940 – 1945 Mutoscope “ON TOP OF THE WORLD”, HOTCHA GIRLS – PSA Slabbed Rated VG EX + 4.5

This is a stunning mutoscope card depicting a beautiful young girl painted by Earl Moran (1893-1984) the talented glamour artist and one of the first pin-up masters to paint Marilyn Monroe. This card was published in 1945 by Brown & Bigelow, Inc, a leading distributor of promotional products and calendar advertising.
The caption of this attractive card reads as, “ON TOP OF THE WORLD”.
The history of the pin-up girl originates to the time of World War I, when President Woodrow Wilson formed the Division of Pictorial Publicity to create visual boost to persuade men to join the war effort. The pin-up girl’s fame continued to rise throughout World War II, when soldiers would hang up an image of a pretty lady to remind them of their home country.
Mutoscope cards were published during the 1940s by the International Mutoscope Reel Company and dispensed by coin-operated vending machines in places such as amusement parks. Most Mutoscope cards are of “pin-up” material.
This one-of-a-kind mutoscope card is grated, encased, and slabbed by PSA, Professional Authenticator Sports as VG – EX + 4.5.
It measures 5 1/4 x 3 3/4.

United States 1940 c.H: 13.33"W: 9.52"